Wicked at Gershwin Theatre

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Gershwin Theatre | New York, New York


How would you like to be one of the thousands of Broadway fans in welcoming the Grammy award winning Wicked when this show comes to thrill New York, New York on Friday 8th March 2024? When unique talent performs top quality Broadway performances with unstoppable energy you get one thing, and that is a historical experience! If you have ever heard people talk about “a sensational Broadway experience", Wicked is EXACTLY what they mean. Whether you have loved Broadway forever or this is your first time thinking about attending, we promise you will experience something sensational.Buy your tickets here!

Off we go to a land beyond the yellow brick road! Wicked! The story before the story of Dorothy and the Land of Oz, a prequel, you could say. A story of how two young witches could change so much in themselves, and the land beyond. So much happened before Dorothy dropped in. Only at the marvelous Gershwin Theatre in the city of New York on the Friday 8th March 2024. Wicked! The origin story of the Wicked Witch of the West, her sister the Wicked Witch of the East and their nemesis, Glinda the Good Witch, Defender of Oz. The making of the Tin-man, Scarecrow and that timid Lion. A story of how relationships can be wrecked by betrayal, of the wrong choices we can make when we are lied to by those in power and the extents we will go to avenge and preserve those we love. This is Wicked! With over 100 major international awards under its witchy hat, it’s certain to be a magical experience for everyone. Reserve your tickets now for the most smashing experience at Gershwin Theatre and a mystic night out in New York on the Friday 8th March 2024 it's going to be a treat for the whole family!

Wicked at Gershwin Theatre

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