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Gershwin Theatre is easily one of Broadway’s jewels when it comes to live performance venues.

Even when it opened in the 1970s, it was always considered one of the larger stages on Broadway with a present capacity of 1,933 guests. This is the largest on Broadway and almost 200 more than the second-biggest Broadway theater. This makes it an ideal location for large-scale musical productions or any production featuring an ensemble cast. This includes the smash-hit Wicked, which has called the theatre home since 2003.

Venue Basics

The building features a modernist Art Nouveau style that was made possible by the vision of set designer Ralph Alswang. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be treated to splendor from the sweeping rotunda which was designed to display Broadway’s own Theater Hall of Fame. And the stage is a massive 80 foot by 65 foot proscenium arch.

Theatre History

The venue originally opened as the Uris Theater on November 28, 1972. The venue spent two years as a concert hall featuring legendary shows by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bing Crosby to name a few. But things started changing with a 1976 hosting of Porgy and Bess which steered the venue towards a new age of large musical productions. This tradition even continues to this day and may be why the Tony Awards has hosted several of their ceremonies at The Gershwin.

These days, the venue exists much as it always has. With theatergoers coming and going to see the latest musicals and productions at the Gershwin. This includes Wicked which set a new box office record for the venue and was, at one time, the highest one-week box office gross income earned by any show throughout all of Broadway history.

gershwin theatre INSIDE

What Is It Like At The Show

But what is it like to watch a show at the Gershwin?

As you can guess, with the fame the venue has earned over the past 50+ years, it’s very common to see packed and sold-out shows, especially with the current showings of Wicked. This means that there’s an energy and joy in the air that is unmatched by many other venues, even on Broadway. The audiences are there to have a great time and there’s a certain cheer and charm to the vibe that keeps audiences coming back for second, third, and sometimes even fourth showings of major hit productions.

But that’s not all, because the staff has been trained to keep guests feeling like they are VIPs. Everyone is warm and friendly and willing to lend a hand where needed. Whether that means directing you to the many services and amenities at the theater or simply lending a hand with any unexpected circumstance. You can trust that you’ll be treated well at The Gershwin.

Then once the show starts, the magic truly begins. The stage, lighting, and sound is tuned for the perfect experience so that you can sit and enjoy the style and grace of one of the most important Broadway stages. No matter where your seat is, you’ll feel like the show you’re watching is the best of the season.

Now Showing Wicked

Wicked set a box office record for the Gershwin Theatre after its first show in 2003. The production grossed $3,201,333 over nine performances for the week ending December 29, 2013. It was also the highest one-week box office gross income made by any show in Broadway history, until that time.

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