gershwin theatre new york seating chart

Gershwin Theatre is a world-class venue set up for nearly 2,000 guests for every show. This seating is divided into multiple seating spaces across the theatre including the orchestra seating section closest to the stage and the mezzanine seating area behind it. All seats are designed to have a clear view of the stage which is further supported with top of the line lighting and sound systems so you can enjoy a crisp and clean viewing experience.

Seating is arranged in a theater format with plus seats with arm rests and plenty of space first guests. Some guests believe that Orchestra rows BB – F or front row in the Mezzanine offers the best combination of closeness to the action and sound, but performances are chosen so that everyone can enjoy the show.

We recommend ordering seats early so you can get the best choices in the house. But if you need further help, here’s a handy guide.

Good value seats

Rear and side orchestra seats provide excellent pricing and a great view of the stage. For larger scale musicals with ensemble casts, you may want to be closer if you want to see facial expressions clearly.

Premium seats

The middle-front seats of Center Orchestra are the most popular seats because they offer the undeniably best view of the action. But you can have a similar experience with the center mezzanine seats. These seats tend to be a little more expensive as you can guess.

Accessibility Seating

The venue does offer accessibility and companion seating throughout the venue. However these seats are provided on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to call the venue at your earliest convenience if you need emergency last minute accessibility seating. Please contact the venue at 212-586-6510.


Gershwin Theatre Seating areas

Ochestra Seats

Orchestra seats are on the main level of the theatre.

Front Mezzanine Seats

Front Mezzanine seats are at the front of the upper level of the theatre (Rows A-E). On a big spectacular show like WICKED, they provide a great view of the whole production.

Kindly be aware that there is a low safety bar in front, which means the front row may not be ideal for short patrons or children.

Mid Mezzanine Seats

Mid Mezzanine seats are in the middle of the upper level of the theatre (Rows F-G). However, there are a limited number of these seats available and they sell out fast. These seats offer a great view of the whole production.

Rear Mezzanine Seats

Rear Mezzanine seats are in the back of the upper level of the theatre (Rows H-M) with a limited number of seats available. Ultimately, they are some of the fastest sold out tickets in the theatre as they offer both a good view and it is the most economical.

Also, please note that, within the range of tickets shown, the lower prices are generally on weekday performances (Monday through Thursday) and non-holiday weeks. During the summer, the lower prices are generally on matinee performances (Wednesday and Saturday).

Stadium Seats

Stadium seats are in the back half of the orchestra of the theatre. These have great sightlines due to the rake of the seating and are great for families with children. Many people say that these are the best deal at WICKED.

Premium Seats

Premium seats are the best seats in the house and are generally in the first twenty rows center orchestra (or just off the center aisles on either side), or the first two rows of the front mezzanine. They are the most expensive seats, but the orchestra premiums provide the best view of faces and production details, and the front row mezzanine premiums provide the best view of the whole spectacle of WICKED.

NOTE: Seating layouts may change depending on the event. Make sure you check the individual seating map when selecting your tickets.

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