Wicked at Gershwin Theatre

Wicked Tickets

Gershwin Theatre | New York City, New York

WICKED the musical has grossed US$4 billion in global ticket sales to date, having been watched by 50 million people worldwide. It’s been to over 100 cities in 14 countries all over the world. It debuted in 2011 with an Australian cast. This time, coming directly from a multi record-breaking tour of the UK and Ireland, the UK cast flies into the iconic Gershwin Theatre in New York City! So come on down and see this unforgettable show!

Wicked at Gershwin Theatre

Theatre brings everyone together. For a theater event to happen, anywhere from a hundred to a thousand or more people need to gather in one place for a couple of hours, and share together in watching and contemplating an event that may be beautiful, funny, moving, thought-provoking, and imaginative. In an age when most of our communication happens in front of a screen, the gathering function of theatre is, in and of itself, something that matters, which is why so many people flood to the Gershwin Theatre in New York City. And the latest announcement the venue has made is the arrival of one of the most anticipated shows of 2020, Wicked. So come down and experience an unrivalled night of entertainment.

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