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Gershwin Theatre | New York, New York


Back touring again for spring, 2024, the iconic...WICKED. You are familiar with the tale of OZ, now find out what went down before and after! WICKED is the heartfelt story of Elphaba and Galinda the good and evil witches and their unexpected connection. Expect excitement, upbeat ballads and a cast full of rising stars, WICKED will be the ultimate Friday evening you've had in a long time! Remember to head down to the spectacular Gershwin Theatre, New York, New York on Friday 10th May 2024, but first 'get tickets', just follow the icon to buy yours now, May looks promising already!

Come and see the very beginning of the Land of Oz, for things are not as it seems. Tickets are available now for Wicked! Only at the spectacular Gershwin Theatre in the city of New York on the Friday 10th May 2024. Time magazine said about Wicked! “If every musical had the brains, heart & courage of Wicked Broadway really would be a magical place.” A charmed story of friendship, love, and treachery. Young Elphaba, duped by the imposter of a wizard, and compelled to escape from the city, outcast and branded the Wicked Witch of the West she must now defend herself against her old friend Glinda the Good Witch the Defender of Oz. With both witches set against each other, and both witches fatefully in love with the same man, the Winkle Prince Fiyero Tigelaar, this is going to be a sensational story. Get your tickets now for Wicked! Find out just where the Tin-man, the Scarecrow and the not so brave Lion came from and determine why that whirlwind just suddenly appeared in Kansas whirling poor Dorothy away to the unforgettable Land of Oz, Only at the stunning Gershwin Theatre in the city of New York on the Friday 10th May 2024.

Wicked at Gershwin Theatre

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